Team Members of the Goodfield Media Group

Barry Goodfield PictureBarry A. Goodfield, Ph. D. Chief Executive Officer

For over 30 years, Dr. Goodfield has shared his unique patented psychotherapeutic methods of identifying human unconscious nonverbal signals with psychiatrists, psychologists, senior corporate executives, attorneys, and cabinet level officials around the globe. He is a frequent radio and television network guest called upon as an “expert” to analyze national and international crisis situations and the individuals that cause them. He has also been a commentator for both the BBC and CBS News. It is the application of his established applied psychological acumen and his national and international database that drives the company’s media dynamic.


Dr. Goodfield is Director of the Goodfield Institute LLC & Goodfield Instituut NL. He is a Senior Professor at Henley-Putnam University in San Jose, California; has lectured at The Foreign Service Program of Oxford University; was a visiting Professor at the Diplomatic Academy of London, University of Westminster; a former member of the United States Civil Rights Commission.



WA Sackett PictureW. A. Sackett, Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Sackett brings 25 years of diverse experience and acumen in media development, production, entertainment, marketing and public relations. He adds a unique dynamic to the company’s core business growth potential and industry positioning. He will also be broadening the Goodfield Media Group business profile by researching select national and international media - entertainment projects and ventures for development or management and acquisition that compliment the company’s vision and mission statement.


Mr. Sackett has developed, produced and directed syndicated radio programs and television specials and has worked as an Associate Producer on documentaries for the History and Biography Channels and has consulted for many nationally known clients. In addition to his creative and production skills, he has consulted as an Entertainment Historian and Advertainment specialist.



Robert Heggie PictureRobert Heggie, Distribution and Development Director

Mr. Heggie brings over 20 years of expertise in non-traditional Retailing, Mass Marketing, Establishing Distribution Channels, and Brand Development. He has operated in various senior executive roles, from Financial Services to being a member of Management Committees. He is an internationally recognized leader in franchising, licensing, retail consulting, business and marketing plan creation, and branding, with a specific emphasis on launching new concepts and products.


His specialty and main focus is creating differentiation for retailers; managing, directing and implementing store specific programs; and building or expanding brands. His experience includes the development and management of "licensed departments", or "store in store programs", franchising and innovative market promotions. At the highest levels, Mr. Heggie has worked with virtually every major retailer in North America and many internationally.



Rex Allen PictureRex Allen, Creative Director

Mr. Allen offers 30 years of creative production experience in the concert, television and radio medias. His unique combination of entertainment and marketing talents and extensive “hands on” skills with live and recorded productions brings a creative blend and sensitivity to the Goodfield Media Group which enhances the value and effectiveness of the company’s development.


Mr. Allen’s recognized entrepreneurial efforts as a producer and creative director in the live entertainment and media industries throughout the United States and Europe affords the company a competitive marketing and branding edge in it’s current and future projects and ventures.



William Sackett PictureJohn Allen, Integrative Interactive Operations Director

Mr. Allen has worked in the radio and television industry for more than a decade in the creative and production aspects of broadcast media and the Internet. His professional efforts includes the application of current viral and social marketing techniques in branding and marketing to traditional and non-traditional medias.


Mr. Allen’s collective experience includes Marketing and Creative Services Director, Advertising Agency Principle, Author and Virtual Marketer. With his “cutting edge” acumen and focus based in the “internet” generation, he broadens and enhances the strategies of the Goodfield Media Group’s endeavors.



Dori Goodfield PictureDori Goodfield, Business Operations Director

For 20 plus years Mrs. Goodfield, worked in various leadership capacities at a multi national company. Skilled in organizational development her expertise has guided many creative projects of the Goodfield Institute held worldwide to successful conclusion. She has developed from beginning to end many of the DVD products presented by the Goodfield Institute. Creative skills, organizational abilities, and years of corporate experience are the qualities she brings to the Goodfield Media Group team.